Professional Experience

Since its incorporation, the team at MCAL has changed little. We are a national company, operating on behalf of District, Borough, City and London Borough Authorities. We provide authorised officers for LA's, assist in appeal and prosecution cases and have served both enforcement and suspension notices where necessary. Our team undertakes over 300 inspections annually, from A2 installations to Reduced Fee Activities. We operate regularly for a number of authorities across the country and have been specialising in the Regulations since the company began over 5 years ago. MCAL staff have approx 30 years experience in the Regulations between them. Furthermore, key staff sit on the IPLC, attend area Pollution Cluster Groups and attend Technical Working Groups for both A2 and Part B Process Guidance Notes.

MCAL was instrumental in one of the first dry cleaning process prosecutions in the country, and Martin has recently been an expert witness for an Authority, at which the Authority's actions were upheld. We have since worked on a prosecution case for a second Authority.

Why Use MCAL?

Recent economic troubles have seen budgets and services reviewed and cut. In many departments, staff have been lost without replacement, and training budgets have disappeared. Through talking with our clients, we have found that the level of professionalism provided by MCAL, competitive prices, and staff skills gives the Authority the ability to meet their statutory requirements in the knowledge that the work undertaken meets or indeed exceeds Defra requirements when those Authorities do not have either the resources or skills in house. Furthermore, our clients tell us that coming direct to us rather than using a staff agency minimises costs to the Authority!

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