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The transposition of the Industrial Emissions Directive in England and Wales has been delayed by several weeks. This is stated as being because it has taken time to finalise the draft Regulations ready for the Parliamentary process, which is now beginning. It has however been transposed in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The updated charging scheme which includes the "low fee mineral processes" has now been signed and is in force. The reduced fees will apply to existing installations from October 2013. They apply to new applications from 6 September 2012, when the model permits were issued. Therefore new installations can be permitted under the model permit system unless they were operating without a permit prior to 6th September 2012.

NEW! Duplicate sheet proforma pads (NCR) now available for MOBILE CRUSHING AND SCREENING. See Inspection Pads for more information, or contact

Process Guidance and Sector Guidance Note Reviews

A large number of Process Guidance Notes have been reviewed and issued during 2011 and 2012; this may have a fundamental effect on a number of installations and Authorities may be required to undertake a permit review as a result of these amendments. Please feel free to contact us and discuss the impact upon your Authority.

  • All mineral notes reviewed and updated
  • All solvents notes reviewed and updated
  • Crematoria Note reissued
  • Animal feed compounds note under review
  • Fibre and reinforced plastics note under review

SG6 has also been reviewed and reissued. This is one of the most complex guidance notes and the impact of the amendments are both significant and detailed. Changes to the permits ARE required as a result of BREF note instructions and again, permit reviews and variations will be required.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements as we will be happy to assist.

Petrol Vapour Recovery Reduced Fee Risk Assessments - Dry Cleaners, Waste Oil Burners, Vehicle Refinishers, Petrol Stations and Mobile Crushers

Risk ratings apply for all reduced fee activies, which determine the level of charges and inspections for the coming year. This format has been running for a couple of years now and systems should be in place for the correct inspection frequency and charges to be levied. As the Regulator for a large number of reduced fee installations across the country, MCAL is aware of the time constraints that can be placed upon Authorities trying to assist Operators to comply whilst facing an "out of sight, out of mind" issue potentially caused by not visiting operators over a period of up to 3 years. We have therefore adopted check and maintenance procedures to ensure the validity and enforceability of permits.

All reduced fee activity permits should have been varied to reflect the changes outlined by Defra: MCAL has completed the variation process for over 140 dry cleaners, and issued updated permits for in excess of 50 Reduced Fee Activity additional installations affected by AQ1(09). Please Contact Us to find out how we can help you implement these changes.

To assist both our team and Local Authority officers, we are now offering several sets of Duplicate Sheet Inspection Pads (NCR) designed to minimise the admin time during and following the routine inspection of Petrol Stations, Dry Cleaners, Vehicle Resprayers and Waste Oil Burners. Further detail of our pads can be found under Inspection Pads or by contacting

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